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Beingdatum is community of experts in the field of Data Science, Big Data, IoT and Cloud to share their knowledge and help everyone interested in these fields by providing career, job, learning advice and help. Enthusiasts and experts, everyone are welcome to join and share their experience with each other. Ask any questions or get on a one-one session with one of our experts.Below are our experts.



Professor Madhukar Kasture
Professor Madhukar Kasture
Head, Department of Statistics
Professor Madhukar Kasture has done MSc, MPhil in Statistics and is currently heading the Department of Statistics at the New… Read More
    Solutions Architect- Big Data Analytics
    Data Evangelist and digital transformation lead focused on #Artificial Intelligence, #Big Data #Machine Learning, #Deep Learning and #IoT technologies.   Read More
      Senior Data Scientist
      Data Scientist with a passion for turning data into actionable insights, and meaningful stories. Expertise on #Artificial Intelligence, #Machine Learning,… Read More

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