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Building Cross Platform Voice Apps in 10 min

Voice assistants have gained remarkable popularity in recent years and  use of voice assistants is set to triple over the next few years, according to a new forecast from the U.K.-based analysts at Juniper Research . Alexa and google assistant are one of the fastest-growing technologies out there, more developers and students are showing a huge interest in VUI development.

Amazon’s Alexa  which still primarily lives on smart speakers like Echo — has reached more than 100 million devices and Google already pushing hard to enable its voice assistant in billions on Android devices.

Today in this blog we build are very own personal voice app on both Alexa and Google assistant using cool Jovo framework, and at the end of this blog you will build a smart lock voice assistant which will be somewhat basic version of Google assistant August Smart Lock.

Have you heard about August Smart Lock ? … Checkout below video.

Now let’s get started and first we will get familiar with Jovo framework and then build our smart lock app from scratch to deployment on alexa developer console and dialogflow.

Note: You need to have a account on alexa and dialogflow to perform hands-on while reading the blog .

So what is Jovo framewok?

Jovo framework is the first open-source development framework for cross-platform apps that work on both Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant. Instead of having to build and maintain separate code bases, developers can now create one that works on both voice platforms. You literally can build cross platform voice app just in four to five steps

Visit jovo tech website for learning more cool features of jovo framework.

Now  lets get start to build out smart lock voice app which can lock the door, unlock the door and also tells status if your door is open or closed.

Step1: Installation

Open terminal from editor of our choice, I will be utilizing Visual Code and install jovo framework.

#Note: Install NodeJs 10.X version in our local computer first .

Step2: Creating new jovo project “smart-lock” and build platform specific dependencies

Step3:  Navigate to smart-lock->src->app.js and add your welcome speech with Lock Intent.

Step4: Now Navigate to smart-lock->models->en-US.json and modify invocation name with adding intents for locking,unlocking and checking status of door. Feel free to add as many permutation of utterances and pay attention of Jovo custom model created for lockStatus.

Step5: Thats all ,now lets see practical implementation of our code in Alexa and Google assistant.

Final code can referenced my github link.

Happy Learning !

February 19, 2020

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