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Cloud Engineering – Beginner to Expert

This course caters to become industry expert in cloud engineering.

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  • Instructor Led Training
  • Exercises & Project Work
  • Certification and Job Assistance
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  • Certified by top MNCs
  • Cloud computing enabled real industry projects
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Below is the Curriculum of Cloud engineering course:

Introduction to Linux basics with its commands

  1. Introduction to Cloud Computing and AWS
  • Overview of Cloud Computing
  • Virtualization and its types
  • AWS Introduction
  • Features of AWS
  • Various services in AWS
  • Overview on AWS Management Console
  • Global Infrastructure – Regions and Availability Zones
  • Create a free tier account in AWS
  • How to SSH using Linux/Windows
  • SSH Troubleshooting
  1. Identity and Access Management Overview
  • Different Authentication System
  • AWS User accounts and groups
  • Create custom policies in AWS
  • About the roles and its usage
  • Creating custom roles
  • Password policies set for users
  1. EC2 Instances
  • AMI and AWS Marketplace templates
  • Launching EC2 instances
  • Different types of instances
  • Security groups and tags for EC2 instance
  • Public – Private key – Elastic IP introduction with EC2
  • EBS volumes
  • Creating a custom AMI and working with a different region
  • Cross Account AMI Copy
  • Amazon EBS volumes and current snapshots
  • Install Apache on EC2
  1. Auto-Scaling
  • Using console
  • Launch configuration and making it use for autoscaling groups
  • Maintain a Fixed number of running EC2 instances
  • Dynamic Scaling
  • Lifecycle and Policies of Autoscaling
  1. Load balancing
  • Overview of Load Balancer
  • Different types of Load Balancer (Classic, Application and Network)
  • Elastic Load Balancer – Stickiness
  • Elastic Load Balancer – Cross Zone Load Balancing and SSL Certificates
  • Components of Load Balancer
  1. EBS Storage
  • Create, Attach, Delete EBS Volumes along with snapshots
  • EFS Overview
  • EBS Raid Configurations
  • EBS vs Instance Store
  1. Object Storage in Cloud (S3)
  • Introduction about S3 buckets
  • Storage Gateway
  • Working of S3
  • S3 Versioning
  • S3 Encryption
  • S3 Security & Bucket Policies
  • S3 Cross Region Replication
  • S3 Storage Tiers + Glaciers
  • S3 Consistency Model
  • S3 Transfer Acceleration
  • Athena Overview
  1. AWS CLI Setup, Configuration
  2. AWS Policy Simulator
  3. AWS SDK Overview
  4. AWS Security Management
  5. Cloud Front with S3
  6. Databases with AWS
  7. Amazon VPC
  8. Dynamo DB with AWS
  9. Monitoring Services in AWS
  10. Backup and Disaster Recovery
  11. Project and Case Study


Note: All alternatives of AWS  for Azure will also be covered as part of this course.

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Course Curriculum

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