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Language is a method of communication with the help of which we can speak, read and write. Natural Language Processing (NLP) is a subfield of Computer Science that deals with Artificial Intelligence (AI), which enables computers to understand and process human language.  


This tutorial has been prepared for professionals aspiring to learn the complete picture of Natural Language Processing. This tutorial caters to the learning needs of both the novice learners and experts, to help them understand the concepts and implementation of NLP


The learners of this tutorial are expected to know the basics of Python programming. Besides, they need to have a solid understanding of computer programing and fundamentals. If you are new to this arena, we suggest you pick up tutorials based on these concepts first, before you embark on with Natural Language Processing.

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Course Curriculum

Audience for this Course 00:00:00
Deep Learning and Natural LanguageFREE 00:00:00
Where to get Data, & What are the classic NLP ProblemsFREE 00:00:00
Text Data Cleaning
Text Data CleaningFREE 00:00:00
Advanced Topics
Bag of Words 00:00:00
What are N-Grams 00:00:00
Word Embedding 00:00:00
Embedding Layer 00:00:00
Part of Speech Tagging 00:00:00
Text Classification - Use Case
Text Classification 00:00:00
Topic Modelling
Topic Modelling 00:00:00
Movie Review Assignment 00:00:00

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