You know what is the most difficult thing to master in data science journey?

It’s not building predictive models, not at all!

It’s all about refreshing and brushing up your data so that it can be worked upon, and believe me it’s more challenging than it seems to you while you are simply reading it aloud.

It is often the most time taking skill.

But, what if I say that you can hack this skill with our specialised hacking journey where we teach you how to hack this beautiful skill of reframing your data in just 10+ days.

Seems Excited!!

Join me today in this first free course at Being Datum!

Keep learning and growing!

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Course Curriculum

Day 1: 5 Steps Methodology to Draft a perfect Template for Machine Learning Requirements 00:00:00
Day 2: Data Splitting, Data Reading, Shape Usage, Info() Usage, Describe() Usage 00:00:00
Day 3: Shape Usage, Column Usage & Merging Usage 00:00:00
Day 4: Bar Plot Distribution Usage Before and After Data Splitting, Data Splitting Usage 00:00:00
Day 5: Stop Words, Punctuation, Html Tags and Cases Removal 00:00:00
Day 6: Uneven Spaces, Special Characters, Contractions Removal & Stemming, Lemmatization 00:00:00
Day 7: Text Manipulation Techniques 00:00:00
Day 8: Bag of Words Usage, tfidf Usage, w2v Usage, tfidf weighted w2v Usage 00:00:00
Day 9: Handling Missing Values and Outlier Detection Technique 00:00:00
Day 10: Outlier Detection Continued and Numerical Smoothing 00:00:00

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