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Is Cloud Certification Really Important?

Are Cloud Certifications the right thing to do during the time of work from home?

Many people ask me about the worth of certifications. Though, I personally do not recommend certifications but when it comes to Cloud, I think it may be worth it.

  1. Because it proves our expertise over the cloud vendor and Cloud is something which is vendor specific and not an open source thing.
  2. Because it gives us a sense of achievement that we really have reached a milestone on the journey of learning something.
  3. From Organization Perspective its important for them to determine skill levels and screen your profile. If you have certification its an add-on advantage for your profile.
  4. Having the team certified in cloud, helps organizations save their costs on additional training as everyone has mutual understanding on the terminologies and concepts followed by the cloud vendor specific to business process.

Some of the best cloud certifications can be related to AWS, Azure and GCP for sure. Following are some of the top cloud certifications:

AWS Solutions Architect Certifications

– Certifications of Cloud Security Knowledge

– Microsoft Cloud Certifications

– IBM Certified Cloud Architect

– Salesforce Certifications

– Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect


Why AWS Certification is best and important?

Let’s see the comparison between AWS, Azure and GCP.

  1. Ease of use: One of the greatest advantages of migrating to cloud is the ease of using it, hence this parameter is definitely useful to get a comparative understanding of cloud services.
  2. Performance: Performance of services in terms of up-time, cost to power ratio and general performance also needs to be considered for comparison.
  3. Process Fit: How well the cloud offering fit into current security and governance processes of any organization. It also depends on integration of public cloud to existing on-prem OR private cloud infrastructure.
  4. Price: Flexible pricing, plans, packages, offers and discounts definitely are a plus to any organizations cloud initiatives.
  5. Features: Presence of varied range of services makes any cloud consumable and fit into end to end initiatives of the organization.

We can see from the above evaluation matrix, there is no clear winner. Based on different situations the cloud strategy needs to decide as per the final verdict above. However, looking at the features and details, AWS suits best for any environment or business needs.

Roadmap to Complete the Certification

Let’s see the path to achieve AWS Solutions Architect Certification.

AWS Certifications identifies IT Professionals that possess skills and knowledge important for designing, deploying, operating applications and infrastructure. There are basic and foundation level certifications for beginners where AWS Solutions Architect Certification needs one or more years of hand-on experience working with AWS.

Few important links to start for the certifications:

More info: https://aws.amazon.com/certification/certified-solutions-architect-associate/

Schedule Exam: https://www.aws.training/certification?src=exam-prep

Exam Format: We have Multiple- Choice and Multiple- Response types of questions in the exam.  By the name, its very clear multiple-choice will have one correct response only whereas multiple- response will have two or more correct responses.

** There is no negative marking for the incorrect answers, so you can try your luck for the doubtful questions.

Exam Results: It’s a pass or fail exam with the minimum passing score of 750.

Some good resource to study AWS Solutions Architect Cloud Certification learning path can be found here.

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