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Saurav is a Data Evangelist and digital transformation lead focused on #Artificial Intelligence, #Big Data #Machine Learning, #Deep Learning and #IoT technologies.
bulding blocks data
4 months ago no Comment

Step by Step – Learn Building Blocks of Data This  step by step learning path is created for learners who …

Transitioning Career - Enthusiast to Pro path
5 months ago no Comment

Transitioning Career – Enthusiast to Pro path With the radical evolutionary changes in the technology world, it has become a …

AWS vs GCP vs Azure – Who wins and why?
6 months ago no Comment

  AWS vs GCP vs Azure  A lot have been already said on the internet over comparing the three largest …

7 months ago no Comment

NoSQL Simplified Basics of NoSQLNoSQL eliminates the need of a schema, hence pushing the data handling capacity by a huge …

big data complexity
7 months ago no Comment

Complexity in Big Data — Process nested json with changing schema tags You may have seen various cases of reading …

data masking
6 years ago no Comment

Data Masking in Big Data Spark vc_rowvc_columnvc_column_text We often face challenges over masking data in our Big Data pipelines so …

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