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Sachin Agarwal is a DevOps Consultant, Automation Specialist. Experience in working with multi cloud platforms. Experience on config management systems like Ansible, Chef, Terraform; and have mindset to automate(python/shell). Experience implementing devops practices/tools/processes and handling the operations. Have hands-on experience in build automation and deployments (including containers) and setting up CI/CD Pipelines(as Code)
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Are Cloud Certifications the right thing to do during the time of work from home? Many people ask me about …

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Cloud Computing Cloud Computing is the on-demand delivery of IT resources and applications via internet with pay-as-you-need model.  Whether you …

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Hello All, hope you are doing well in your job as well as life. Let’s learn something new and exciting …

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Hi All, we have heard a lot about CI/CD tools and must have read different articles about it. Today, let’s …

BeingDatum DevOps
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Step by Step- Learn DevOps Engineering DevOps is one of the most sought after skills in the industry today. Learning …

python api
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RESTful APIs in Python This article is all about API Programming in Python. Firstly, we should understand, what is an …

AWS OpsWorks
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AWS OpsWorks Before, we move to see what is AWS OpsWorks and how DevOps is related to AWS, let’s see …

Asynchronous Programming in Python : A Brief Overview
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Asynchronous Programming in Python Asynchronous Programming? What’s that!! We all know what “synchronous” programming means as it is what most …

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