Big data analytics automation platform

Big data analytics automation platform

BeingDatum Labs is a one-stop place for all artificial intelligence, data science, and big data solutions. The recent times are looking for a reliable Big Data Ingestion automation for obtaining and importing data from various heteregneous sources into the big data platform. We at FactLabs understand what it takes to acquire the data and lets you focus on what is important in the data.

What is Big Data Ingestion all about: In a layman’s language, Big Data Ingestion is storing of unstructured data into a system to easily analyze. It is a continuous process. Every organization needs a different kind of Big Data Ingestion. It depends on the sources and variance of the data, the nature of the business, the features required and beyond.

A good Big Data Ingestion helps you benefit with business strategies and planning. With both structured and unstructured data, a huge volume needs a perfect Big Data Ingestion to summarize. Once done, using advanced analytics, valuable business insightas can be reached upon. The tool can automate the ingestion process by generating highly configurable code which can work across big data systems and sources. It can also review the existing code for any missing best practices, errors and other possible operational issues.

Our Big Data analytics tool possesses the following attributes:

  • Pull structured and unstructured data from various heterogenous sources.
  • Cleanse the data and perform change data capture on the data to store a curated history in various SCD formats.
  • Generate thousands of table schemas and structures in seconds.
  • Create workflows automatically to plug and play for automating the ingestion code.
  • Audit, Balance and Control and logging of the data ingested and processed for enterprise reporting and maintaining quality at the same time.
  • Other Data quality & processor services for accelerating business logic implementation.

At our end, we make sure every feature is dealt with professionalism and precision. We not only help you implement the big data ingestion smoothly but also create real-time interactive and click control data flow. Thus for all streamlined, efficient and easy data ingestion automation, call us now for a free demo.

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July 21, 2020

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