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Chatbot framework

If you want to build a conversational ai we need a bot that should be created so that a person can interact with it. Every time that a person interacts with the computer a chatbot as an assistant can guild a person on that particular website and so that is why chatbot is important.

A Conversation chatbot understands the context of the conversation and can handle any user goal gracefully and help accomplish it as best as possible. This doesn’t always mean that the bot will be able to answer all questions but it can handle the conversation well.

Making a chatbot or virtual assistance is used to transform the user experience. Nowadays, chatbots are gaining attraction, big or small entities such as IBM, Google, Facebook? are working on it and building their in-house products.

What is rasa?
Rasa is a machine learning conversational ai which is used to build a chatbot. It is one of the best open-source machine learning toolkits which is used to developer complex chatbot with minimal training data.

It is based on two frameworks-

1.Rasa nlu– a library for natural language understanding (NLU) which does the classification of intent and extracts the entity from the user input.

2.Rasa Core– A chatbot framework that predicts the next best response or action based on conversational history.

Beingdatum has created a chatbot framework on RASA which makes you learning by sharing few documents from Beingdatum google drive repository

Watch the demo here.

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July 21, 2020

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