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Reality Check For Data Science Journey?

Hi Guys,again we are back with one more issue that individuals are facing with Data Science domain now a days & reaching out to us for the same,here we understand their query even at the same time decided to work for them in different manner.

In last few months from our connection we use to get lot of different question where individuals completed their courses with reputed firm online/offline but still they are finding difficulty while landing to job/internship,mainly we are focus on those to come up with something unique part for them, which they can make use of & utilize to land up with their first job/internship.

Major problem every individual dealing with is,’N’ number completed their course but they have only focused on learning instead learning while applying concepts we can say learning with experience(scalable ML model) & reason why you fail to get a job/internship & in this article we have covered important key skill that you may be lagging & to focus with,at the same time we are coming up with crazy stuff for you people,do read the article till end for more details.

We can see some of the major problems cover under this article as follows:

1)Getting Job/Internship

2)Stuck with how to proceed with any problem statement

3)Confused when & where stuff has to be used

4)Lagging with mathematical & statistical practical knowledge

To be very clear don’t waste your time to learn python for data science instead try to start working with small visualization project on any problem statement & before plotting graph be clear with your why? ,plotting handsome graph is not your work if you unable to describe it with your own assumptions based on problem statement.

So,as per our discussion with our connection & while taking interview we have observed that individual are lagging are with EDA,Data Cleaning when & where to apply & why to apply,individual plot graph & fail to create story out of it which should be the basic skill that an individual should have as an Data Scientist.Even individual learn statistics but they can’t apply & not having practical approach to apply while dealing with problem statement & lagging with more of practically knowledge which is one of the major key skill as an Data Scientist.

One of the important key skill individual are lagging with mostly is research + statistics & 85% of individual can’t visualize y=mx+c that is linear algebra which is one of the important part that everyone should know as a data scientist ,you have to visualize the stuff before you have to clear with why? before plotting any graph & you can able to do only if problem statement is pretty much clear with lot of assumptions.

Even feature engineering is one of the important key skill before building any model & to work with this you need tons of practice to understand & to apply.

what is feature engineering,when & how to apply?

Feature engineering is something which is not define & you can master with tons of practice,but how?

Whenever you are dealing with any problem statement,first way to approach is to search about some existing research paper for the same,read blogs related to & see if existing solution exist for the same,then believe you can work with feature engineering with strong fundamentals,there are many different techniques as well to deal with features,let’s say if you are having 200 features in your data set then it’s obvious we don’t have to use all features & here we have to work to select important features to build scalable solution.

Another important key skill if you are finding difficulty to get job/internship is hyper-parameter tuning,in simple words it’s nothing just improvising your machine learning model for better fit by working with different techniques at the same time & pre-processing techniques as well individual are not aware of which in turn plays important role while dealing with any project to work with.

One of the major problem that you may be going through is knowing the approach to start with any project,essentials things to keep in mind while moving ahead & you believe or not 90% of Data Science Enthusiast unable to apply statistics concept while dealing with problem statement which is one of the stuff everyone out there is lagging & one of the major key skill as well reason not to get into job/internship.

What if we introduce you crazy bootcamp where we will work only on projects by applying statistics concepts,visualizing the problem statement & understand which graph ,where to use which includes EDA from scratch with different techniques for data cleaning,feature engineering from scratch,pre-processing techniques while applying & hyper-parameter tuning,importantly we will work on projects while applying from end-to-end step to follow while building any scalable solution.

We at beingdatum.com team of highly professionals from different industries decided to work for those who are finding difficulties while landing with job & couldn’t understand the right approach to solve any problem statement.We are coming up with new course named as “Pro Data Science Bootcamp” where we will focus only on EDA,Data Cleaning,Applied Statistics,Feature Engineering from scratch,Pre-processing & Hyper-parameter tuning from scratch with 20+ project & applying at the same time instead of going through theoretical part.

So,what are you waiting for if you are facing difficulty while landing to your first Data Science job & to be noted you should be aware of python basics & basics of Machine Learning to apply for this bootcamp which can be another opportunityto master your concepts to upgrade your key skill as a Data Scientist.

Bootcamp will be of 3 months with resume discussion & preparation,job opportunity with different firm(refer program) & you will be much confident after this bootcamp for 100% sure as we have build this unique learning for you.Even fresher or experience anyone can apply if you can work hard in this time to upgrade yourself & full support 24*7 by our experts.

Do fill the google form if you are interested & team will get in touch with you ::https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSd_qTg6NkEmExu29cuVgMr-_y6hKtXIVlcYN529R8_dZKwfJA/viewform?vc=0&c=0&w=1&usp=mail_form_link .

Happy Learning!!

March 26, 2020

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