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Understanding the fundamentals of Programming and doing data analysis

This month, we started the course and students take smll baby steps towards larger career.

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Data science Products

Shiva K

BeingDatum Labs Data Science automation tool bridges this gap for the need of dedicated talent by giving an easy to use interface where customers can put details of industry domain, vertical, function, business unit, use case and data details. Once the wizard takes these details into the system, our backend engine runs the best algorithm on your selected params and provides the results in a moment.

big data complexity

Sanju Singh

 In a layman’s language, Big Data Ingestion is storing of unstructured data into a system to easily analyze. It is a continuous process. Every organization needs a different kind of Big Data Ingestion. It depends on the sources and variance of the data, the nature of the business, the features required and beyond.

Sachin Agarwal

True News showcases the summarized text in an infographic format which can be give a quick overview without diving into too many details. The end result is a set of beautiful picture posts from all over the internet. Moreover, users can type a search string and get picture posts from all over the internet. 

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